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# Tuesday Quilt Tip #15

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Edge Joining Foot

As I mentioned in one of my past blogs I purchased a box of feet for my Babylock Crescendo. I am slowly going through them and seeing what they are for and if I will use them. Today's foot is the Edge Joining Foot. It is used for stitching in the ditch, edge stitching, as well as joining two edges together. The Center blade on the Edge Stitch Foot assures that your stitching stays perfectly straight.

A sewing machine foot  to join fabrics
Edge Joining Foot

I found this great article by Sew Guide explaining many of its uses.

I used it last night to do some quilting but after experiencing the foot I will certainly be using it more often. It works well for joining fabrics, appliqué, attaching trim, and all sorts of uses. Once you start using it you will find so many other things that it works for!

As you can see in the video below, the foot worked great for in the ditch quilting. I also mentioned that I no longer use my pedal when sewing. If you have a machine that has this function you should see if you like it. I find that my posture is better and I have less backache using the start switch rather than the peddle.

This foot also works great for joining fabric but I like it for joining batting too. It seems to have quite a few uses. Makes me want to add some trim to the bags I am planning to make. There are several videos on YouTube with ideas for machine appliqué and more.

Found on Amazon: 42 Pressere Feet Set by Simpzia for $32.00

I have been busy designing a miniature quilt that I was working on in the video. Hopefully, it will be the next week's tip.

For now, I give you my Irish goodbye.



This week Mathew Beaudreau, Mr. Domestic, mentioned our Ruler Racks to his list of best notions he found in 2018. Mathew has been very generous to us in getting the word out about our racks. You can see his video here.


American Patchwork featured us in their Notions section in the February issue which came out this month.

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