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Ruler Rack

Ruler Rack by Rita's Racques, quilt ruler holder
The Ruler Rack can be used to hold all of your brooms and mops.JPG
Ruler Rack with ideas to hang brooms & mops; or embroidery hoops or garage tools
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  • The Ruler Rack by Rita's Racques holds up to 42 rulers and measures 36"x5" x 1",

  • the hooks are adjustable to fit the width of the ruler you want to hang,

  • assembles in minutes,

  • hangs on the wall with two nails, into the drywall in under five minutes with simple tools  on hand,

  • Holds up to 25 lbs.

  • no need to search for studs,

  • hangs on two nails into drywall,

  • not just for rulers.




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How The Ruler Rack Works