Rita's Racques  

Quilting has been my passion for the past 28 years.  My mother was a great seamstress and I was lucky that she passed that skill on to me.  I made clothes for my children as they were growing and grew into making wedding and specialty attire for family, friends and customers.  In 1990 I was introduced to quilting and immediately became obsessed.  I learned piecing , hand quilting and then was struck by machine quilting.  I loved quilting my own projects.  All of this led to me to eventually purchase a long arm machine which I still use today.  


My love of  quilting continued to be a passion and so  I opened a quilt shop, Gallagher's in Gibbon, Minnesota.  This was a beautiful shop that also had a truly great restaurant.  Along with that I owned  Gallagher's Retreat house.  We were fortunate to have nationally known teachers come to the retreat house for classes.  Those were years spent loving what I did but at times I found it  overwhelming as my husband, Dennis, also owned a manufacturing company in Gibbon.  In 2004 we decided to simplify our lives and move near our grandchildren in Minneapolis.  


My good friend, Susan Brown, of The Quilter's Mercantile of Mankato, Minnesota and I formed a corporation in 2014 named Indulge.  We held retreats across the country for to up to 100 guests at a time in different hotels with Jenny Doan as our teacher.  

In 2016 my local quilt club, Minnesota Quilter's, had a day where the members were invited to tour six different member's quilting studios.  One studio I visited impressed me greatly.  She had put nails under a kneel wall under her windows and all of her rulers were on these nails.  I liked the look of them and also loved the idea of being able to remove the clutter.  I went home and told my husband I wanted a rack that hung on the wall where I could see my rulers.  He came up with the Rita's Racques solution.  I thought it was so ingenious that we should take the idea on the road.  We do some traveling to trade shows across the country selling our racks.  

Dennis continues to come up with really great ideas for storage solutions.  I am excited that in 2018 we have the first rack that fits on a long arm.  I now have a place for just about everything. 

Dennis and Rita Naua

Dennis & Rita Nau