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Junior Rack

Junior Ruler Rack white-2_edited.jpg
Junior Ruler Rack, Organize quilter's rulers & tools.jpg

Don't have enough wall space for the 36" Ruler Rack? The Junior Rack might be the solution:

  • Junior Rack is  18" wide x 5" x 1". 

  • The rack holds 28 rulers.

  • Like its sister, it assembles in minutes.

  • No special tools for installation - 2 nails into drywall. No searching for a stud.

  • Junior Rack up to 20 lbs

  • Don't have wall space?  Stack two of our Juniors to hold all of your rulers.

  • Comes in black or white.

  • Free Shipping               

Junior Ruler Rack, Quilter's rulers holders.jpg
How The Ruler Rack Works
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