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Quilt Tip Tuesday - #9

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Sewing Feet News!

In the past, I have owned Bernina sewing machines. They are great machines and I loved using them. I started working for a sewing center a few years back and was exposed to many more brands of machines. I learned a lot and found I had more than one favorite. About two years ago I experienced a detached retina. The vision became an issue for me. I purchased a Babylock Crescendo. I am impressed with all of its features. The laser that is included has helped me continue to sew even with a sight problem. Last week I was even more impressed.

We all know that feet for our machines can be expensive. There always seems to be one that I need that I don't have. I was looking on Amazon and noticed they had 42 feet for a low shank machine for $32. It mentioned that they fit a Babyloc. I assumed they would be cheap and not fit the machine but thought, what the heck, I will try. The box showed up last week. I am so impressed! Each foot is well machined and has a picture and an explanation. They are made well and fit my Babyloc perfectly.


A box of sewing machine feet.
The feet that come in a box for a Babylock sewing machine

This is a picture of the feet that I received.

List of the feet:

  • Stitch Guide Foot

  • Universal Presser Foot

  • Open Toe Foot

  • Zipper foot

  • Nail Button Pressing Foot

  • Plastic Invisible Zipper Presser Foot

  • Sewing press foot

  • Satin Stitch Foot

  • Lace Presser foot

  • Zigzag foot

  • Open Toe Embroidery foot

  • Large opening presser foot

  • Cording foot

  • ¼” Quilting Foot

  • Low Shank adapter

  • Braiding foot

  • Standard Presser foot

  • Straight Stitch Foot

  • ¼” Quilting foot with guide

  • Overcast foot

  • 5-hole cording foot

  • Double welting foot

  • Invisible zipper foot

  • Fringe foot

  • Adjustable bias tape binder foot

  • Shirring foot

  • 3mm narrow edge presser foot

  • 6mm wide edge presser foot

  • 3mm roll of the Lace presser foot

  • Applique foot

  • Round Bead Foot

  • 7-hole cording foot

  • Edge joining foot

  • Roller foot

  • Sewing Beads presser foot

  • Buttonholing presser foot

  • Darning foot low shank

  • Blind stitch foot

  • Darning foot

  • Zipper foot low shank

  • Knit foot

  • 7 Groove pintuck foot

  • 9 groove pintuck foot


I liked these so much that I decided once a month I will choose a foot and show you how they are used. This time I chose the Blind Stitch Foot:

This foot has several uses. The adjustable guide assures you a perfectly spaced hem for an invisible look on the right side of the fabric. I found a quick video that shows exactly how to use the foot for blind hemming.

It is pretty slick. You might want to check them out.

A sewing machine foot that helps keep the lines straight when sewing.
Blind stitch foot for Babylock sewing machine that Rita of Rita's Racques Ruler Rack Used

I like this foot even more for use as a precision edge stitching foot. As the fabric edge rides along the guide, stitches always are straight and professional looking. It adjusts to the width that you need.

A blind stitch foot used to make straight stitches on a quilt.
How to use a Blind Stitch foot to stitch in the ditch

You can see that the nylon piece is adjustable so lines up directly with the needle. It is pretty slick. You might want to check this foot and the entire kit from Simpzia at Amazon.

Until next week. I wish you my Irish goodbye.



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