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Lesson Learned

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

It's been awhile since I posted. I finally have a few minutes to put my thoughts togther.

I vended at Festival in Houston which is one of my favorite shows. Lots of people found us and we received lots of orders. I tried something new this show and did not bring product with us. We made the decision to mail all of the orders when we returned. I didn't think this decision through very well.

It is never easy to learn a lesson and this was one of the harder lessons I have learned.

  • First, we had a great reception for our racks and they sold like crazy, thank you!

  • Second, I was dumb enough to tell people they would have their products by Friday of the week we returned. Not a smart move.

  • Third, Dennis got sick and had to go to Urgent Care, four-and-a-half hours later he was fine but I had lost six hours of working.

  • Because he was sick he spent the week in bed. Which meant I was responsible to prepare and ship 300 orders within three days.

  • And last, we had the bright idea to do free shipping from the show which ended up in a very large shipping bill. What was I thinking?

Maybe not quite this bad but it sure felt like it.

Picture me frantically preparing and sending out 300 boxes. Our mailman was shocked when I opened the garage door. I should have taken a picture. My house looks like it exploded. (What I wouldn't do for a cleaning person.) I did get all orders out by Thursday which meant some orders were a day or two late.


So I now have a bit of time to talk about the thing I love most, sewing.