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Quilt Tip Tuesday #10 Quick Christmas Gifts!

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Christmas is coming and I need to get started. Each year I find something I can make for everyone. Usually, this happens five or fewer days before Christmas I do some all-nighters to get done, BUT THIS YEAR I AM PREPARED!

Susan Brown of TQM Products found these videos by Lorrie Nunnemaker using placemats to make small bags. All of these are made with pre-made placemats. Who knew they could be the answer to quick gifts?

Two placemats that will be made into bags.
Placemats used to make bags from Rita's Racques

I hate shopping, therefore, I didn't go far to look for my placements. I am lucky enough to live close to a Target. They don't carry traditional pre-quilted placemats but they do carry some nice-looking stuff. So I grabbed the ones I liked and off I went.

What you need:


Heat n Bond Iron On Vinyl: 12" x 17" Handle fabric: 4" x 16" Handle Interfacing: 2" x 14"

Zipper: 15" or more

Wonder tape - optional

I know that many people are uncomfortable putting in zippers but Lorrie's tutorial makes it very easy and you won't shy away from zippers in the future after putting these in.

Here are some examples of the projects I made. These took me an afternoon. Not having to cut out or quilt the bag is a huge timesaver. I plan on making ten more and I am sure it won't take more than an afternoon. Of course, I am not going to procrastinate and wait until just before Christmas. I will keep you updated to see if I keep that promise.

Lorrie Nunnemaker has several bags online. Here they are:

Zipper Box Pouch:

Bag with handle:

Zipper Bag:

If you make one please send me a picture and I will post.

For now, I give you my Irish Goodbye.


"Time has a wonderful way of showing us
what really matters."

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