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That's a WHOLE lot of quilting rulers.

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Those who quilt know how easily it happens.

A bunch of quilting rulers on a cutting mat
Before you bought a Ruler Rack

You know, the accumulation of all those quilting rulers we use, some infrequently and others multiple times a day. They add up and are hard to keep track of.

a desk rack that holds quilting rulers
A desk ruler holder that has 10 slots

You can purchase a desk ruler rack that holds maybe ten of those rulers.

Or you could consider purchasing a

Ruler Rack from Rita's Racques.

Using a Ruler Rack has many benefits over using a desk ruler holder that holds only a few rulers:

  • A wall-mounted Ruler Rack saves space on your cutting table, making your workspace look neater and more organized.

  • It allows you to store more rulers (up to 42) than a desk ruler holder (maybe 10).

  • It makes it easier to find and access the proper ruler. No more digging through drawers trying to find the right one.

  • It protects your rulers from bending, breaking, or being scratched.

  • Hang your scissors and cutters away from prying hands.

Ruler Racks from Rita's Racques come in three sizes:

Ruler Rack - 36" x 5" x 1" that holds up to 42 rulers

Junior Ruler Rack - 18" x 5" x 1" that holds up to 28 rulers

The Spot-On Rack - 3" x 6" that holds up to 7 rulers

This rack is great if you have no space or you want to hang large mats and rulers.


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