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Quilting Rulers: If She Sews A Ruler Rack Is The Perfect Gift.

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

If you're a quilter, you probably have a collection of quilting rulers that you use for different projects. Quilting rulers are essential tools for cutting fabric accurately and creating various shapes and designs. But how many quilting rulers do you really need? And how do you store them without taking up too much space?

The answer to the first question depends on your personal preference and quilting style. Some quilters like to have a variety of quilting rulers for different purposes, such as square rulers, triangle rulers, hexagon rulers, stripology rulers, and specialty rulers. Others prefer to stick to a few basic quilting rulers that can cover most of their needs, such as a 6" x 24" ruler, a 12" x 12" ruler, and a 6" x 6" ruler.

There is no right or wrong answer to how many quilting rulers you need. The important thing is to choose quilting rulers that are easy to read, non-slip, and durable. You can also look for quilting rulers that have features such as clear markings, angled lines, centering lines, and seam allowances.

The answer to the second question is easier: you need a Ruler Rack from Rita's Racques! A Ruler Rack is a wall-mounted rack with movable hooks that hold up to 42 quilting rulers of various sizes and shapes.

A Ruler Rack from Rita's Racques is the perfect solution for storing your quilting rulers without cluttering your workspace. It also makes an excellent gift for any quilter in your life. Mother's Day is coming! Why not surprise your mom, your wilting friend, (or yourself) with a Ruler Rack from Rita's Racques?

A Ruler Rack from Rita's Racques will make your quilting life easier and more enjoyable. You'll never have to worry about finding the right quilting ruler for your project or losing it in your fabric stash. You'll always have your quilting rulers at your fingertips, ready to use.

So don't wait any longer. Order your Ruler Rack from Rita's Racques today and get ready to experience the difference. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Happy Quilting!


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