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Who Knew How Very Exciting Potholders Could Be?

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I know what you're thinking, that's a weird thing to be excited about, but trust me on this one. I'll explain why: I make and sell them but you do not need to purchase them. Potholders are a great project for beginners. The new potholders use that same loom we did when we were kids but now there is a ten-inch loom that makes eight-inch potholders. They're quick and easy. If you want to get fancy, lots of fun weaving patterns will make your potholder unique and special. But if you're not feeling so creative, no worries!

I have been using loops from Harrisville Designs because they are 100% cotton, make a thick and sturdy potholder, and the colors are so rich. You can also make your loops. You can find a video explaining the process at:

Because they're hand-made projects that are easy to complete even with basic skills (or no skills at all), potholders can be a go-to gift item. If someone loves cooking or baking as much as I do, (chances are they'll appreciate this handmade item with pride every time they use it! } They are easy to make. You can find patterns at There is even a potholder Facebook group. Who knew?