Ruler Rack

Organize Your  Quilting Rulers


Rita's Racques is a simple solution for storing quilter's rulers.

Ruler Racks have a small footprint but hold more quilt rulers than any other Ruler Rack on the market.

Ruler Rack by Rita's Racques
Ruler Rack by Rita's Racques holders 42 quiter's rulers 2_edited_edited.png
Ruler Rack - 36_ Rita's Racques-min_edited_edited.jpg

The Ruler Rack is 36" wide and holds up to 42 quilt rulers.  Lots of room for all sizes of quilter's rulers. 

The Junior Ruler rack is 18" wide and 

holds up to 28 rulers.  If you are short of wall space this might be what you need. 

Junior Rack from Rita's Racques that holds up to 28 quilter's rulers.  It is wall mounted, adjustable, and easy to assemble and hang.
Spot-On Rack, holds quilter's rulers and mats.jpeg

The Spot-On Rack if you don't have much space and it holds 7 large quilt rulers.  

It's difficult to start a project when you can't find your stuff!

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You have a sewing machine.  You have rulers.  If you are a quilter you probably have a lot of quilting rulers. In all sorts of shapes and sizes.


You pay a fortune for those rulers and throw them in a drawer, jam them in a bucket, hang them together in a big bunch so you can't get to them and treat them with little respect.


Your quilt rulers get scratched and chipped. You can never find the one you need.  You sometimes purchase the same ruler twice because you can't remember what you have. 


 Everything You Need To Know About the
Ruler Rack By Rita's Racques


A Ruler Rack takes minutes to assemble.

The only tools needed are a hammer and level. Everything else is in the package. 

No need to find a stud. Tap two nails (included in packaging) directly into drywall.   Ruler Racks are designed to hold up to 25 lbs. on the nails. Don't worry, your quilt rulers don't weigh that much, I checked.

Ruler Rack - 36" wide & comes with 6 hooks

Depending on which rack you choose you can hang between 7 to 42 rulers in a small space.

The hooks are adjustable so you can move them to fit your rulers.  

Each hook holds 7 rulers. 

Junior Ruler Rack, Quilter's rulers holders.jpg

Junior Ruler Rack - 18" wide & comes with 4 hooks

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