Messy Rulers

Tired Of The Mess
 Losing Your Stuff?

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No More Lost Rulers

No More  Chipped Rulers

Easy Installation

You pay a fortune for rulers and yet you throw them in a drawer, jam them in a bucket, hang them together in a big bunch so you can't get to them and in general treat them with little respect. 

Do you struggle to find your rulers?

Do your rulers get scratched?

Are you looking for a quick & easy  way to hang your rulers?

Have you purchased duplicate rulers because you don't know what you have?

Do your rulers get chipped?

Do you forget you have certain rulers?

Quilters have purchased over 15,000 of our racks.


Long rulers hanging.jpg
  • The Ruler Rack holds up to 42 rulers, measures 36"

  • is adjustable to fit the width of the ruler you want to hang.

  • It assembles in minutes,

  • hangs on the wall with two nails, into drywall in under five minutes with simple tools you have on hand.

  • Holds up to 25 lbs.

  • Not just for rulers


Tools Pic.jpg

Ruler Rack

Junior Rack


Don't have enough wall space for 36"? The Junior Rack might be the solution

  • Is 18" wide

  • Holds 28 rulers

  • Like it's sister it assembles in minutes

  • No special tools for installation - 2 nails into drywall

  • The concept is based on physics 

  • Holds up to 20 lbs

  • Don't have wall space?  Stack two of our Juniors to hold all of your rulers

  • Comes in black or white



Junior Rack.jpg

Spot-On Rack

  • Measures 6" long and 3" wide

  • Comes with 1 hook & nail 

  • Holds up to seven rulers  and more

  • Hangs in a minute

  • Comes in black or white

  • Can be painted to match a wall 

  • Comes with a hardened steel nail that can be used on drywall, wood or plaster walls. 


Spot On Rack

Long Arm Rack


  • 18" long by 5" wide

  • 2 hooks for rulers

  • 3 1/2" x 11"x 4" bin included

  • Comes assembled

  • Holds rulers, thread, tools, bobbins, etc.

  • Fits most long arms with square steel frames

  • Hangs with magnets

  • Just pop it on your frame

  • Comes in black or white

  • $74.99

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install the Snitch in under 30 minutes.

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