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#16 Making Miniatures

I am busy designing a pattern for a miniature using Susan Brown's TQM Rulers. She was nice enough to produce a 1" Binding Tool and a 1 1/2" Triangle Tool for me because she knows I like miniatures.

You can see how small the templates are in this picture to the right. I will have both the templates and the pattern for sale on my site in the coming weeks.

About two years ago I suffered a detached retina. I thought I might never be able to sew again. Time passes and things actually do get better. While my vision is not perfect, I can still do the things I love. Maybe not as precisely as I had once done, but I get to sew and what could be more joy filled than that? Making miniatures proves to me how much my eyesight has improved. It also makes me much more precise!

Below is a picture of the design I am working on. If you can see the error in the quilt let me know. Of course, I didn't take my own advice and take a picture of it before I quilted it and didn't notice it until it was done.

I have a few Y seams in this pattern. There was a time I would have shied away from Y seams but after using Jenny Beyer's "Perfect Piecer" tool I can conquer even the most difficult Y seam. I keep this tool handy as it makes the world of difference when piecing. You can find it on Jinny site for $17.95 https://jinnybeyer.com/product/perfect-piecer/

The video below shows how to use the Perfect Piecer tool.

Other tips for making miniatures -

  • I have found it very helpful to starch my fabric well before cutting. The stiffer the better. I was using starch until I found I product I like a lot and I only have to spray the fabric once and it turns the fabric paper like. The name is Terial Magic. I found it at my sewing center but you can find it online as well. I went through their website and they have some great projects. Most interesting was the blog post on making quilt labels. This is much easier than I what I am doing. I will be using this method with my next project. Check it out at: https://www.terialmagic.com/blogs/terial/fabric-labels-lovingly-made-with-your-printer

  • Using an 18mm small rotary cutter helps immensely when cutting out small items.

  • Recently I purchased a wool ironing mat. This has been very helpful.

  • Using my clapper when pressing seams

  • Pressing seams open

  • Using a project board - laying out all of the quilt helps to keep things together and you are able to see if your colors are working for the project

  • Making a 2" binding

That's it for this Tuesday. I am back to working on my pattern. If you have other tips drop me a line or add a comment.

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