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Quilt Tip Tuesday #16 Making Miniatures

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

I am busy designing a pattern for a miniature using Susan Brown's TQM Rulers. She was nice enough to produce a 1" Binding Tool and a 1 1/2" Triangle Tool for me because she knows I like miniatures.

A thread cutter and two miniature templates to make a miniature quilt.
Tools and rulers for making miniatures with Gallagher's Designs patterns

You can see how small the templates are in this picture to the right. I will have both the templates and the pattern for sale on my site in the coming weeks.

About two years ago I suffered a detached retina. I thought I might never be able to sew again. Time passes and things do get better. While my vision is not perfect, I can still do the things I love. Maybe not as precisely as I had once done, but I get to sew, and what could be more joy-filled than that? Making miniatures proves to me how much my eyesight has improved. It also makes me much more precise!

Below is a picture of the design I am working on. If you can see the error in the quilt let me know. Of course, I didn't take my advice and take a picture of it before I quilted it and didn't notice it until it was done.

A miniature quilt by Rita Nau of Gallagher's designs.
The Pinwheel Braid Miniature Quilt by Gallagher's Designs in Black and Green

I have a few Y seams in this pattern. There was a time I would have shied away from Y seams but after using Jenny Beyer's "Perfect Piecer" tool I can conquer even the most difficult Y seam. I keep this tool handy as it makes the world of difference when piecing. You can find it on Jinny's site for $17.95

The video below shows how to use the Perfect Piecer tool.

Making Miniatures

Other tips for making miniatures -

  • I have found it very helpful to starch my fabric well before cutting. The stiffer the better. I was using starch until I found I product I like a lot I only have to spray the fabric once and it turns the fabric paper-like. The name is Terial Magic. I found it at my sewing center but you can find it online as well. I went through their website and they have some great projects. Most interesting was the blog post on making quilt labels. This is much easier than what I am doing. I will be using this method with my next project. Check it out at:

  • Using an 18mm small rotary cutter helps immensely when cutting out small items.

  • Recently I purchased a wool ironing mat. This has been very helpful.

  • Using my clapper when pressing seams

  • Pressing seams open

  • Using a project board - laying out all of the quilts helps to keep things together and you can see if your colors are working for the project

  • Making a 2" binding

That's it for this Tuesday. I am back to working on my pattern. If you have other tips drop me a line or add a comment.

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