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Wicked Sewing Machines

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

What a bad machine can do to you.

There is such a thing as a lousy sewing machine. Sometimes no matter what we do they treat us badly; broken thread, uneven stitches, catching in the bobbin when you first begin to sew, breaking needles and coming unthreaded constantly. After awhile you feel you are losing your sanity. I have been there and it is so darn frustrating. These are the most common problems we face. While some of these things might be because you haven't cleaned the machine or maybe it needs a tune-up but sometimes it really is the machine. If you have brought the machine in more than once for service and you still are having issues, it ain't you honey. As with anything sometimes sewing machines are put out into the world that are just "not right". I have taught a lot of sewing classes and I have seen a good deal of frustration and blame. Having a machine that doesn't work correctly makes you feel as if you are failing, not the sewing machine. I'm here to tell you that some machines are at fault. You are not incompetent. Just maybe, it's the machine