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For those who have no space, we came up with the perfect “spot” where you can hang as many as seven quilt rulers and more. When there is just no place to hang your rulers we designed the solution. The Spot-On Rack by Rita's Racques takes less than a minute to hang, just tap the nail through the hole. Ta-da! Organization in less than a minute. The Spot-On Ruler Rack can be hung on drywall, plaster, or wood. 3" wide x 6" long.  


The Spot-On Ruler Rack comes with a hardened nail that even works on plaster.   Hang your cutting mats, quilting rulers, those large rulers such as the Creative Grid Rulers, or those 12" and 16" rulers that are currently leaning on the floor.  Just tap the rack in and drop all those big rulers where they will be out of the way and yet easy to access. 


They come in black or white and you can paint them if you like.  

Spot-On Rack

SKU: 1103
Color: White
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