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The Junior Ruler Rack by Rita's Racques holds all your quilt rulers in one handy place. The Junior Rack measures 18" x 5" , sits 1" from the wall, and holds 28 rulers.  If you have a small space or maybe not as many rulers this is a great solution to clear the clutter with a Ruler Rack from Rita's Racques. 


Short on space? The Junior may be the answer. The Junior Rack measures 5" x 18" and has 4 hooks that can hold up to 28 items. No more lost rulers chipped rulers and no more duplicate rulers.  You can see what you have and it's in order.  


If you have little ones in your life you can hang those sharp items such as scissors and rotary cutters up so they can't be reached. 


How to hang our racks:


Rita's Racques Ruler Racks has more spots for quilt rulers than any other Ruler Rack on the market. 

Junior Ruler Rack from Rita's Racques

SKU: 1102
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