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Rita's Racques designed the 36" Ruler Rack for quilters and sewists rulers . This rack was designed to hold as many as 42  quilt rulers or tools in the small space of 36" x 5".


The rack is adjustable and wall-mounted so you can fit all of your rulers. Your most used rulers will be at your fingertips. The ones you use less can go to the back of the hook. Transform your sewing room into the happy place it deserves to be.  The 36" Rack comes with 6 hooks and holds all of your quilt rulers in a compact area that has more room for other things. The rack gives great flexibility to store your rulers and allows easy access when you work.  With your rulers up and handy, you will be a quilting superstar.


If you have little ones in your life you can hang those sharp items such as scissors and rotary cutters up high so they can't be reached. 


How to hang our racks:

Ruler Rack by Rita's Racques 36"

SKU: 1101
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