Stuff Done & A little Road Trip

Updated: Jul 18

Week two of being home was not quite as productive as the first week but sometimes we have to pay attendtion to family, the yard, the house , etc. You know, all the non-essential stuff we have to do. I must admit, I could remain inside my house for weeks and be happy but this week I not only got some projects done but went for a small road trip by myself.

Retirement - week two

I made a few more pincushions and a table runner for a silent auction.

Made a second table runner for the auction.

Finished binding on the quilt I made last week.

Worked on my State Fair Quilt. This is my little quilt pattern Pinwheel Braid. Hoping to get to the quilting next week.


Took a very short road trip and got to go to one of my favorite fabric places this week, S.R. Harris Fabric Outlet in Brooklyn Park, MN. This store has been open since 1966. As I pulled up the parking lot was full. It made me happy knowing that there are still a lot of people who sew!

My mother shopped here ; I purchased the fabric for my daughters wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses at this store.; I re-upholstered my living room furniture from this store; and when I want to make clothing for myself this is the place I come. Over the years it has become much more organized. With that it is still a daunting task to find what you need. The 30,000 square foot building is filled with every type of fabric you can think of from cottons, leathers, lace, silk, and upholstery. You name it they have it.

They have great customer service as well. The people there are very helpful. I spoke with Gayle when I was there yesterday and she tells me she has been working at Fabric Outlet for 26 years. I asked if she sewed and she made me very happy by saying yes. Yes, at times it's a bit overwhelming, cramped, and it's messy but I can always find what I need and usually at half the cost of anywhere else.

A glimpse of a small amount of the store.

Picture me here happily wondering around.

It is getting more and more difficult to find fabric stores that carry an assortment of fabrics. Lots of store have closed. Sid, the owner, is getting up there in age. I am hoping he has family members who continue this store after he is gone

I found a great French terrycloth that will make some great tops. I also got to watch three young people, each with a different shade of green hair, make some great picks for fabrics they were going to use to make clothing. It's so nice to see young people sewing!


For those of you who have known me for awhile you might remember that I owned Gallagher's Retreat House in G