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Squirrels, T-Shirts And a New Venture

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

It's January and I have now been in my house since November 6th. Surprisingly, I have not lost my mind (don't ask my husband about that). I'm not even really bored. Doing a lot of looking out my front and back windows though.

Grey Squirrel
Maybe Emily or could be Brad or Berny

And yet, I realized last week as I was talking with my daughter and found myself describing, in detail, the habits of the squirrels that inhabit my front and back yard. Hmmm, maybe I am more affected than I had thought. You know, sort of like the description of a prisoner who forms relationships with the rats in his cell.

Black Squirrel
Bob The Frontyard Squrrel

Well, maybe not quite that intense but I have named the black squirrel in my front yard Bob and the three brown squirrels in my yard garden Brad, Emily and Bernie. Don't ask me how I figured out which one was Emily. I did learn that mating season for squirrels is in January though.

In the past month the squirrels have broken three bird feeders and chased off several Pilliated Wood Peckers. I think you might be hearing more about these culprits in the coming months.

Another Day With Dennis

I have written about my husband before so some of you understand his personality and some of the trials I go through.

T shirt
T Shirt

Friday I was washing clothes. It was a load of whites. It gives me great pleasure to fold perfectly white t-shirts. I am proud of my ability to keep Dennis's t-shirts really white. When we moved I got rid of any t-shirt that was stained or a bit yellow. Therefore, he has exactly twelve t-shirts. Who needs more? I bought him good quality shirts and I feel satisfied as I fold them. White, thick, perfectly folded t-shirts. The world just seems right.

But that day as I took the first shirt from the dryer I noticed black stains. When I looked closer they are everywhere. Dennis had recently painted our downstairs steps black. I remembered that he had taken off his shirt and painted in his t-shirt so as not to ruin his good shirt, so I chocked it up the stain to paint. Oh well, he still had eleven perfectly white t-shirts. Then I pulled out the next shirt and again more black stains. The next three had the same issue. I tried spot cleaning the marks. No luck.

To help you understand I need to explain a bit about our Ruler Racks. The racks are cut by laser. We clean them at our dining room table. In order to remove the burn marks on the racks we have to wash the racks with alcohol or acetone. We eat chips and drink beer as we clean (It's called multi-tasking).

Back to the folding of my clothes. So, I am standing at the dryer and looking at all these shirts with black marks. In all there are seven. I can't get the stains out. Dennis happens by and gives me a bit of a side glance. He seems a bit nervous. I show him the shirts and say, "I think there is something wrong with the washer. All of your shirts have these black marks that won't come out. He looks at me sheepishly and says, " Well, I needed some rags to clean the racks. You told me I couldn't use the kitchen towels so I went into the dirty clothes and found my t-shirts." Mind you, I have a huge box of rags sitting next to the dirty clothes hamper just for these types of uses. Yes, I have shown it to him in the past. No, he did not remember. And now, I do not remember where I bought these beautiful thick white t-shirts to replace them. We do have great rags to clean the racks now, white in size medium/large!


I have hunkered down and started completing projects that I have had sitting around. I just finished this Primitive Gatherings quilt. This took me over five years to complete. I would work on a row or two each retreat I attended. This year, of course, no retreats so no excuses. It was time to finish. The squares are 1/2" and it is extremely heavy. It doesn't match a thing in my house but I can't give it away just yet.

Brown, red, and tan Quilt made of 1/2" squares
Primitives Gathering Quilt made by Rita of Gallagher's Designs


I visited a friend's house in the fall, Linda Dynan, who had the prettiest quilts next to her front door. I was impressed, they looked so nice as you walked up to knock on the door. I decided I wanted to design my own monthly quilts. I had to design long, skinny pieces to fit next to my door. Below is December, January and February. They are very forgiving as the pieces need to be large in order to see them from the road. I used raw edge applicque. I am having a lovely time coming up with the designs.

A tall runner made to look like a colorful Christmas tree.
Christmas Tree Quilt designed by Rita of Gallagher's Designs

A tall, thin quilt designed to look like a portion of a blue Christmas tree
Christmas Tree Quilt designed by Rita of Gallagher's Designs


Don't you just love it when you find the perfect solution to a problem? I found this cart on Amazon and love how it changed my sewing space! Instead of cluttering up my sewing surface, it sits next to me where I am working and holds everything I need. I believe it was $39.00. Worth every penny!


A New Venture

As some of you know I once owned Gallagher's Quilt Shop. I love fabric and felt a loss when I closed the shop. Because of that love of fabric, I have e joined with my sister Colleen and my daughter Jesse to open an Etsy shop by the name Fabric Sisters Three. We all share that same love of fabric. We will be featuring Kaffe Fasset and Tula Pink fabrics mostly.

For those that follow me and receive my blog, I will be sending out emails as the fabrics come in. So YOU will be the first to see what we have in stock. If you order from us by email you will receive 10% off the Etsy price along with free shipping. I will send you a PayPal invoice for payment. All you have to do is email me at with your request and I will send you an invoice to be paid through PayPal.

Our first fabrics come from Alexander Henry.

Black and white image of a lion
Lion fabric found on Fab 3

Lion Eyes - Alexander Henry

I love this fabric. It would be great for a One Block Wonder Quilt

The repeat is 24" - Costs $11.50/yd including shipping.

Day of the Dead fabric
Day of the Dead Fabric from Alexander Henry

Nocturna - Alexander Henry

Repeat is 24" Another great fabric for a One Block Wonder Quilt. Cost $11.50/yd including shipping

Fabric with signs from Highway 61
Hiway 61 fabric

Route 66 - Alexander Henry

Repeat is 24" This would be great in a camper as curtains. Cost $11.50/yd including shipping

That's it for today! I give you my Irish goodbye.



Tuesday's Recipe

Party Time Popcorn

We are all sitting around watching TV this is a great TV binge snack.

3 qt Popped popcorn 1 T. dill weed

3 c. Shoestring potato sticks 1 tsp Worchestershire sauce

1 c. salted mixed nuts 1/2 tsp lemon pepper

1/4 c. melted butter 1/4 tsp. onion salt

In an un-greased pan combine popcorn, potato stick, and nuts. In a separate bowl combine the remaining ingredients. Pour over popcorn mixture and toss to coat. Baked uncovered at 350° for 8 to 10 minutes.


What Is The Difference Between

I Like You and I love You?

When You Like A Flower, You Just Pluck It.

But When You Love A Flower, You Water It Daily

One Who Understands this

Understands Life




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