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Ruler Rack for Small Space – It is Time to Cut the Clutter!

If you are one of the people who are interested in the traditional form of art, quilting is something that you must have heard of. Quilting is often used by people as a fun activity to spend their spare time. But not just for fun; it has great significance in the area of creativity and hard work. With the passion for quilting, it comes the responsibility to keep the materials with the same care as you are using them.

Quilting Rulers are used for making beautiful quilting pieces but storing them properly is still a concern for many people. To help you out, we have compiled a few points on how to use the

What are Quilting Rulers?

Quilting rulers are made specifically for quilters and are typically used with a rotary cutter and a self-healing mat. Quilt rulers come in a range of shapes and sizes, and they frequently feature angle lines. Some rulers are used to cut specialty shapes or trim blocks to a specific size, such as a half-square triangle. Rulers are a necessary tool for quilters. And to store them, ruler racks by Rita’s Racques are a must.

Top Features of Rita's Ruler Racks

• It is simple to put together and takes a few minutes to install.

• There's no need to seek a stud. It is hung with two simple nails that are included.

• The racks are built utilizing physics principles. Just two nails driven directly into the drywall will suffice.

• It's the best ruler rack on the market, holding the most rulers in the least amount of space.

Why Use Rita's Ruler Rack for Small spaces?

One can have different rulers like short ones, long ones, size squares, and specialty shapes. If you buy ruler racks from Rita's Racques for storing your rulers, you can save a lot of space. These racks are ideal for small spaces, too, since they do not take up much area.

You can just put the rack up on a wall and hang your quilting rulers and other material as per your convenience on the rack. It has multiple hooks attached outside to hang up the items. Each hook can hold anywhere between 7 and 42 rulers with no problem. As such, these are considered as the best ruler rack for sewists rulers in the United States, and these racks are indeed worth all the money.

Final Takeaway

When it comes to organizing the space and storing the quilting rulers, these racks make a lot of difference. If you want to get one of these racks and wish to know more, please feel free to browse through our website.


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