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Our Ruler Racks made Product of the Year!

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Trophy from Product of the Year
Rita's Racques received Product of the Year

This past month we were in Las Vegas for the VDTA-SDTA show, a show directed toward vacuum and sewing machine dealers. This was the first time I have attended this show and it was pretty glitzy. Then again, we were in Las Vegas. I was pleasantly surprised that our Rita's Racques Ruler Racks won the Product of the Year Award in the quilting category! Imagine my surprise when they handed me a trophy! I had no idea we could win such a thing.

Booth for Rita's Racques at a quilt show
Rita' Racques booth

I also redesigned our booth. I think it looks pretty great!

We had such a fun week. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been listening to the Happiness Lab by Dr. Laura --- and it has affected me. I stopped looking at my phone and started conversing with people. Oh my! I had the most interesting conversations!

I met an Uber driver who was wearing an unusual jean jacket and I mentioned I liked it. She told me about the designs she had made from her old jeans. She had lost a great deal of weight and the jeans were expensive so she remade them into other things like hats and jackets. As she said, "I don't waste nothin', honey! I paid way too much for those clothes to just get rid of them." Her description of her life sounded pretty hectic. She held two jobs and had two children who seemed to keep her pretty busy and yet still made time to sew. She said she always tells her children, "sleep is for the rich". She had made a hat with that phrase and started selling them. She was delightful.

We shared a cab with two women from Georgia who were flight attendants for Delta. I mentioned I was from Minnesota and one said, "Oh, I know Minnesota! I work in Hibbing, Minnesota." My response was, "What you would be doing in Hibbing?" Well, it was her first year as a flight attendant and she didn't know anything about Minnesota, so she thought Hibbing would be as good a place as any. Now, everyone pretty much knows that Minnesota is cold, but Hibbing is more than cold, it's frigid. The high temperature in July is around 75 degrees and the low temperature in the winter it can get down to - 50 degrees. Honest, it is cold. It's a town of 16,000 people and their claim to fame is they have the largest open pit mine in the world at the edge of town and Bob Dylan grew up there. I have to imagine someone from Georgia might have a difficult time acclimating. She was pretty positive about the whole experience though.

In that same ride, we had a Lyft driver who couldn't figure out how to get us to our destination. What should have taken about 15 minutes lasted for about 45. We finally pulled out our phones and had her follow our directions. It was great though because each time she made a wrong turn or didn't know where to go the woman in the front seat with her would say, "It's okay. This was meant to be. God just wanted us all to visit with each other just a bit longer." don't you worry". The three of us were in the back seat having a great time.

I met so many interesting people and I find I have so many more tales to tell when I just ask a few questions. It's a lot more interesting than looking at my phone. You should try it.


When I was at the show I met a vendor by the name of Ritzko Brady from Guidelines 4 Quilting. She was delightful and her products were pretty amazing. This week I am showing you the Guide Lock Strips but I have several more that I will be covering in the next few weeks. This was a definite find at the show.

Our Ruler Racks made Product of the Year!


It has been a while since my last post. We have been busier than I planned. Rita's Racques has been found! We have been overwhelmed with orders! Thank you! Dennis and I have been furiously packaging boxes. We have piles like these in most of our rooms.


We will be in Manchester, New Hampshire on April 15th and then on to Paducah, Kentucky on the 22nd. If you are in the area drop by!

I wish you my Irish goodbye.




Apple Salad

1 lb green apples, cut up 1 c. Cool Whip

1 lb red apples, cut up 1/2 c sour cream

3/4 c. brown sugar

Mix brown sugar, Cool Whip, and sour cream. Add to cut-up apples. Mix until all are covered.

Note: Just one type of apple will work or add a banana to the mix. It's all good.

Talking to people and hearing their stories, you learn a lot.

Ada Butterfield

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