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Leave Your Mark - Quilt Tip #19

Over the years I have struggled to find the perfect marking tool. I am a sucker for anything that looks like it works, so, I have a tendency to purchase just about anything that helps. Below you will find some of the tools that I use and think work well.

Nothing in this world is perfect or works perfect. Some of these items have shown marks after removing them. I am in no way saying you will not have any problems. I am saying I have taken a chance on these and most of the time I am able to remove the markings on my quilts.

The Hera Marker

I like this tool because it leaves no marks that I need to remove.

A HERA MARKER is a traditional Japanese tool used for marking fabric by making an indent on the fabric.It leaves no residue (no chemicals), works on any fabric weave or color, and disappears completely after quilting or washing.

I have some vision problems so I am not always able to find my markings. But it is a great tool.

You can find more information on the Hera at: http://baltimoregardenquilts.blogspot.com/2018/02/how-to-use-hera-marker.html

Sewline Trio

When I use the Perfect Piecer Ruler by Jinnie Beyer, which I use often, I need a small diameter marker. The Sewline Trio lead is .9mm. Which makes it perfect for using with the Perfect Piecer. It has three colors, white, black or a tracer point. Refilling can be a bit tricky.

Marks can be removed by a block eraser or washing the fabric in warm water.

Frixon Point

I absolutely love these! And yes, I have heard tales that they have left marks. When I really need to see my marking these are wonderful. Once I am done I just use my iron and the heat makes the ink magically gone. You can erase the markings with a block eraser as well.

A tip from my friend Juiliet in France, they work well for recording passwords as you can erase them easily.

Bohn Crayon- Mechanical Chalk Pencil

If you only need one color for marking this white .9 mm chalk pencil works great for small holes and narrow lines.

Chaco Liner

I like to use these when I am making bags. Once done a quick rub removes the chalk

Easy to use marker. Refill powder available. Case is leak-proof. Available in four colors: Blue, Pink, White, and Yellow.


Test the marker first on a piece of scrap fabric to be sure that the lines and marks can be erased (Do not use on fabrics that are not washable)Pat the powdered ink to erase lines and marks. Wash fabric with mild detergent to remove any persistent marksIroning or dry-cleaning may make the marks permanentInsert the body firmly into its case when not in u

Mechanical Pencil

I love these because of their fine point. On light fabric they are perfect. Using an eraser will remove markings.

Water Erasable Marker

Makes very faint lines. Not my most favorite. Drys out

Silver Prisma Pen

Clover White Marking Pen

When using a dark fabic this marker works well. Marks remove with heat.

White Marking Pen

Makes a very fine white line. Drys out faster than I would like.

I am sure there are many more marking tools. If you have some suggestions I would appreciate hearing about them.


I have several pieces of news! My granddaughter, Isabelle, is graduating from high school this year. We have a family tradition that the graduate gets a graduation trip to wherever they choose, within reason. That means that the entire family goes on a trip together, all 13 of us! My husband and I are also celebrating our 50th anniversary. Isabelle has made the decision that we can all go to Ireland! My favorite place in the world. So, we are busy making our plans for this wonderful island next July.

Also, each graduate receives a quilt from me. I usually consult with them and we decide on the design and color together. Isabelle is looking to become a surgeon, therefore, she had a pretty unusual request, she wanted a quilt with the human body on it. So I have been searching on how to achieve this. Below is a picture of the beginning of the quilt. There will be a huge amount of fabric painting on this project. I will continue to post pictures as I work on this project.

This could be a really big mess or very unusual.


I hope you all have a great week!

I give you my Irish goodbye.



Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go"

Oscar Wilde


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