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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

I was lucky enough to be able to spend eight days sewing to my heart's content at a retreat in Milford, Iowa while the rest of the Midwest flooded. I was inspired by my fellow reiterators. I made it home before many of the bridges were closed so had no trouble, but there were people from, Minnesota, South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa at the retreat who had someone affected by the flooding. My heart goes out to those who experienced loss.


One of the reasons I love going to retreat is to see all of the great projects people make.

Above is just a small sample of the work people were doing. Some of these projects took years to complete, some a day or two. I must admit that I am terrible about getting pictures. There were so many more beautiful projects that were shown.


The Quilted Forest Quilt Shop from Forest City Iowa was there for the entire time and they had some small projects that were quick and fun.

I made a holder with many pockets from an ice cream bucket. They also had a quick project for towel that hangs around your neck. I have several showers that I am giving this year. I think these will make a nice guest gift.

The quilt background is a quilt of mine. As I look at this picture I only see the problem block on the lower left. What was I thinking?

The Scarf towel was a nice item. I don't like wearing an apron so this is perfect for me. It takes just a few minutes to make. I think I will find some towels with barbecue themes and make some for Father's Day.

If you are looking for these patterns contact Shelley is the owner and designer of the Tiny One's patterns by Pieced Tree Patterns. I like her simple and quick patterns. You can check her out at :


It was my birthday while I was at the retreat. I have never had so many well wishes and lovely gifts. It was surprising and I felt pretty special. One of my favorites is this Mini Dresden Spool Pin Nancy gave me. It looks so perfect on Betty the Featherweight. I had downloaded a pattern to make this for my machine and Nancy was nice enough to make me one instead. In case your machine is begging for one of these you can find the pattern on the Featherweight site.


I came back from retreat with all my creative juices flowing. I can't wait to get into my studio and get things done. You would think eight days of sewing would make you want to take a rest. Not me boy, it just gets me going more. I hope each of you has a chance to get away with friends and get some sewing done. I look forward to this every year.


I have made the decision to publish limited edition of Gallagher's Cookbook. We should have copies available in the next few weeks. If you would to reserve a cookbook drop me a line at The cost is $15.00 plus shipping.

I give you my Irish goodbye.



Recipe of the Week

Bagel Dip

16 oz mayo 1/4 T garlic salt

16 oz sour cream 1 pkg corned beef diced

1/4 T Accent 6 onion bagels

Mix all dip ingredients.Cut the bagels in bite size pieces and place next to the dip.


A favorite Irish Curse

May those that love us, love us

and those that don't love us,

may God turn their hearts,

if He can't turn their hearts;

may He turn their ankles,

so we will know them by their limping.


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