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I Love Zoom Classes! Who Knew?

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

As I have mentioned previously, we moved in July. Before moving Dennis, my husband, was preparing the lawn mower the, gas needed to be emptied before the move.

Let me explain a bit about Dennis. He is smartest person I know. He designs gadgets that are pretty remarkable, solves any mathematical problem and fixes pretty much anything. What he lacks though, is common sense. This is the guy who the day after our wedding came out from the bathroom and asked, “where would I find my toothbrush?” Which should have alerted me to what I was getting myself into for the next 50 or so years. He is also the guy who once gave me a card that read – “For Someone Who’s Been Like A Mother to Me.” (I am not going to talk about the phycological scars I was left with for that one.) For the past 52 years Dennis has walked a straight line through life while I seem to dance around him handing him the tools needed , picking up what he’s discarded or just keeping him from killing himself. Things like the time he was testing a procedure for cleaning tungsten in my kitchen. I looked up and he had a pan on the stove. Suddenly I hear, “Oh, the boiling point of acetone is 132 degrees Fahrenheit” as his shirt was on fire and his beard was being singed or the time I came into the basement where he was rewiring the house. He had removed the electric box cover. There was only open wires showing and was doing some wiring while the power was still on! Granted I could have killed him when I screamed and the entire power we