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I Am Tired Of Me

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

A pen and paper with writing on it.
Pen & paper

In the last few months, I have found it difficult to put pen to paper. I am not depressed. It's just I have so little to say right now. It’s been a difficult year for so many. I am not suffering. I am retired. I don’t have to worry about feeding children or losing a job. All I have to do is sit in my house and be alone. Yes, I can and have done that. It is just that it has left me empty. I like being with people. I like helping people. The word I would use to describe this year is "selfish". There is only so much introspection one can do. I have finished all my UFOs, updated my curtains, and cleaned out my closets. If Minnesota wasn't cold I could be working in the garden but that's not happening right now. I have lavished time on myself and I am tired of myself.


It's Woman’s History month!

We think things don’t change but in my lifetime it’s been pretty surprising the things women can now do that they could not when I was 20. I have so many women to thank for these changes.

1) I had to wear a dress to school and work. – I have been in pants now for the past 30 years.

2) I could not open a credit card without my husband’s signature when we married – I now have the ability to screw up my credit score.

3) If I wanted to join the Peace Corp I had to have a husband or father’s signature – Not sure there is a Peach Corp anymore but I could sign myself up!

4) If a woman wanted her tubes tied her husband made that decision and informed the doctor because it was far too difficult for a woman to understand what a doctor was telling her.

5) I could be fired for being pregnant. Really once you were showing they didn't want you around. - I'm too far down that road now.

7) There were no organized sports for women. - Maybe that's why I am so lousy at all sports.


My daughter passed this poem to me. I had to share.

A portrait of Alice Duerr Miller
Alice Duerr Miller

Why We Oppose Pockets for Women

Alice Duer Miller - 1874-1942

1. Because pockets are not a natural right. 2. Because the great majority of women do not want pockets. If they did they would have them. 3. Because whenever women have had pockets they have not used them. 4. Because women are required to carry enough things as it is, without the additional burden of pockets. 5. Because it would make dissension between husband and wife as to whose pockets were to be filled. 6. Because it would destroy man’s chivalry toward woman if he did not have to carry all her things in his pockets. 7. Because men are men, and women are women. We must not fly in the face of nature. 8. Because pockets have been used by men to carry tobacco, pipes, whiskey flasks, chewing gum, and compromising letters. We see no reason to suppose that women would use them more wisely.

After reading and chuckling a bit I started to dig a bit deeper into Alice Duer Miller and started reading some of her poetry. She was a suffragette some of her poems are apropos for today but so if you want to see a bit of interesting poetry I would suggest you check her out

I found some of her books on Project Gutenberg online. You can download them for free. I am now in the middle of reading some of her work. This may keep me busy till I can get out at the end of March!

Alice wrote during the suffragette era. She was pretty interesting. You can find more of her work at:

The Protected Sex

With apologies to James Whitcomb Riley.

(“The result of taking second place to girls at school is that the boy feels a sense of inferiority that he is never afterward able to entirely shake off.”—Editorial in London Globe against co-education.)

There, little girl, don’t read, You’re fond of your books, I know, But Brother might mope If he had no hope Of getting ahead of you. It’s dull for a boy who cannot lead. There, little girl, don’t read.


Speaking of women, I became a member of a Mastermind group recently. Six women who own their own craft businesses all over the US. We are lucky enough to be living in a time when women own their businesses and can work together. I am impressed with these women. Let me tell you a bit about them.

Alexis - has designed and sells an unusual knitting needle that is becoming quite popular. You can find her at:

Beth - makes and sells handmade items. She has come up with a cute idea for dolls she makes that will look like the children in your family as well as dolls that are Huggable!

Kate – owns The Confident Stitch shop in Missoula, Montana as well as an online shop. She has the best website! She also has a very interesting swatch club.

Kristy – came up with the bright idea to sell pre-made binding. She has some great ideas! Check out her site:

Fabric rendition of Honor & Hope painting by Terry Bradley
My rendition of Honor & Hope by Terry Bradley

Renee - offers online workshops such as epp, embroidery, and many others.

Take the time to check out these sites. They have some very interesting things to offer.

Fabric rendition of Honor & Hope painting by Terry Bradley
My rendition of Honor & Hope by Terry Bradley

I have been busy sewing up a storm. I have finished piecing my rendition of a Terry Bradshaw painting. The piece has 4883 pieces to it.

I am hoping to get it on the longarm yet this week.

A checkered quilted table cloth in black and white.
Black & White quilted Table cloth by Rita's Handmade

I am working on emptying the “unfinished basket” so I picked up my Antelope Canyon using Jasen Yenter fabrics. I finally finished quilting this black and white beauty that's been screaming at me.

Different types of small bags made from Noodle-head patterns
Some Noodle-Head bags I made

I have also been busy making bags. If you like bags Noodle-Head has some great downloadable patterns.

Spools of thread in a variety of colors.
Beautiful thread

My Tuesday Tip -

I realize it's Friday but what the heck

I enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace and sewing my binding. It's such a relaxing last step. I have an issue with my thread twisting or knotting. I remembered that I had some silk thread in a drawer and pulled it out. What a difference! It's really strong so it doesn't break as I stitch It's so smooth. Because it is smooth I get the job done much quicker. And last it doesn't tangle. So, no annoying tie-offs and begin again. I usually buy gray as blends so well.


St. Patrick's Day is coming!

I'm 100%, Irish

SO -

We have a sale!

Purchase an 18" Junior Rack And Receive

The Second Rack For Half Price!

That's a savings of over $18.00


We are getting closer to being able to help each other. Make a plan. Who will you help when we are free again.

All my very best,



Recipe of the Month

Easy Noodles

Many years ago Dennis and I won a trip to anywhere in the world we wanted to go. We decided to go as far away from Minnesota as we could. We landed in Norita, Japan. We were pretty young and pretty broke. While the trip was free we couldn’t afford much. We spent seven days walking around Japan. It was a wonderful trip. Few People knew English so it was pretty interesting and sometimes difficult. People were kind to us but figuring out how to eat was something else.

Plasticized dishes in Japanese restaurants.

There was a lot of food and we had no idea what it was and how to ask for what we wanted. In some of the restaurants, they would have plasticized all of the dishes they served. We learned to take the waiter outside to the window and point to what we wanted. It worked great! We staved off starvation!

We ran across this very simple meal that I loved and still make today. I named it Easy Noodles. It's a quick meal that both kids and adults alike.

Easy Noodles

4 or 5 TBSP Olive Oil

Bacon or Ham – chopped – I like a lot of ham so about 3/4 cup

1 large yellow onion – chopped

Noodles – spaghetti – about a 1 ½” round

Using a large frying pan, fry the onions in the olive oil until translucent. Add the ham to the pan and brown. In a separate pan bring 5 cups of water to boil and add the noodles. Cook until tender. Drain the noodles and add to the hot frying pan. I like the noodles a bit crispy. Use enough oil to coat all the noodles. Heat for three or 4 minutes and serve.

"A clean house is a sign of a wasted life."



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Hi Rita, I love your mosaic. How many portraits have you made into mosaic quilts? Thanks for the web site recommendations. It's always so much fun to see what else is out there. Is this imposed lock down going to be our new normal? Let's do all we can to make sure it isn't. I miss being able to see facial expressions!


Beverly Leischner
Beverly Leischner
Mar 12, 2021

Dear Rita, loved your post this morning! Looking forward this weekend to reading about all the women you featured. I think I may pick up some interesting ideas. Thank you for an interesting read.

Also, I print out and use many of your similar to the way I love to cook and make meals! Easy noodles are on the menu this weekend too. Thanks so much. Bev L.

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