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I Am Tired Of Me

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

A pen and paper with writing on it.
Pen & paper

In the last few months, I have found it difficult to put pen to paper. I am not depressed. It's just I have so little to say right now. It’s been a difficult year for so many. I am not suffering. I am retired. I don’t have to worry about feeding children or losing a job. All I have to do is sit in my house and be alone. Yes, I can and have done that. It is just that it has left me empty. I like being with people. I like helping people. The word I would use to describe this year is "selfish". There is only so much introspection one can do. I have finished all my UFOs, updated my curtains, and cleaned out my closets. If Minnesota wasn't cold I could be working in the garden but that's not happening right now. I have lavished time on myself and I am tired of myself.


It's Woman’s History month!

We think things don’t change but in my lifetime it’s been pretty surprising the things women can now do that they could not when I was 20. I have so many women to thank for these changes.

1) I had to wear a dress to school and work. – I have been in pants now for the past 30 years.

2) I could not open a credit card without my husband’s signature when we married – I now have the ability to screw up my credit score.

3) If I wanted to join the Peace Corp I had to have a husband or father’s signature – Not sure there is a Peach Corp anymore but I could sign myself up!

4) If a woman wanted her tubes tied her husband made that decision and informed the doctor because it was far too difficult for a woman to understand what a doctor was telling her.

5) I could be fired for being pregnant. Really once you were showing they didn't want you around. - I'm too far down that road now.

7) There were no organized sports for women. - Maybe that's why I am so lousy at all sports.


My daughter passed this poem to me. I had to share.