Books That Still Inspire

Updated: Jul 18

I have been quilting since 1990, long before You Tube came along (which is now my favorite learning tool). In fact, I learned how to machine quilt by reading a book, Harriet Hargrave's Heirloom Machine Quilting. Machine quilting was considered by many quilters to be cheating at the time. I read this book, and because of it I fell in love with machine quilting. So much so that I purchased a longarm machine in 2002. I love each step of making a quilt but I must say my favorite part is machine quilting. Because I took the time to read and re-read that book from cover to cover I learned how to machine quilt and I have Harriet to thank for that.

While You Tube is a great learning tool I still go back to some of my favorite books for reference. The nice thing about these books is you can still find them but now they are a fraction of the original cost they once were. The information in them is priceless. These are some of my favorites that I continue to use:

Judy Martin - The Block Book & The Ultimate Book of Quilt Block Patterns

I like to design my quilts and these two books are a wealth of information. I have made most of the blocks at least once.


Trudie Hughs - Quilts & Borders

I have never been great at math but Trudie's books taught me how to resize a block, a border and an entire quilt. She made it understandable and rather easy. I still use this book as a reference.

Nancy John Screbo - Rotary Magic

The book is filled with all of the information you need to start quilting. I came upon it several years after I started. I wish I had read it when I first started. It would have been a great help. It is a great reference book.

Kaffe Fasset - Passionate Patchwork

This book introduced me to color. Real color. I learned that it doesn't matter if the pattern is intricate but color placement, done well, can make an exquisite quilt even if you use a simple pattern. I loved it so much, I have made every quilt in this book.