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A New Appreciation For Scraps

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

This past week I was in Rochester, Minnesota for the Minnesota Quilters Show. I live in Minnesota and have many memories of attending this show. Many of my quilts have been shown there. Most times I am at a show alone as I travel but this year I was able to spend some time with old friends and met some lovely women that I would like to know better. It is so great when you meet interesting people. I may have to drive to Buffalo and learn Mahjong in order to visit with them again. I think it might be worth it.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the MQ dinner. The guest speaker was Bonnie Hunt. Her quilts are certainly an inspiration. I will be looking at my scraps in a completely different way going forward after hearing her. I was most impressed with her string frenzy quilts. I have Bonnie to thank for my renewed enthusiasm for my scrap box. She so inspired me so I couldn't wait to get home to start a project.

The pictures I have included of her quilts do not do them justice. They were remarkable.

Bonnie's talk reminded me how much I like using my Stripology ruler and how I need to use it much more often than I do.

The Stripology Ruler by designed by Gudrun Efra and made by Creative Grids is a tool you don't want to be without. It reduces your cutting time dramatically. You can cut in as small as 1/4" increments, 60 degree angles and pre-cut 10" squares precisely, quickly and

You can find some great tutorials online explaining the ruler as well as projects.

While this ruler can be a bit expensive, between $45.00 and $60.00, it has so many uses I think it's worth the price.

If you haven't experienced this ruler you need to watch the tutorials to see how handy it really is. This ruler is rather large. Our Spot-On Ruler Rack works well with this ruler.


We now have the advantage of taking classes on line which are great, but once in awhile grab a friend and go to a lecture, a quilt show or a class. You never know who you will meet or what will inspire you. Get out and be with people.

For now I give you my Irish goodbye.




Heavenly Hash

This was one of my favorite salads at my restaurant. It is a recipe my mother made often and we all loved it. My customers did as well.

1 8 oz can fruit cocktail - drained 1 tsp vanilla

1 6 oz jar maraschino cherries 2 T sugar

1 8 oz pt. heavy cream 1 angel food cake

Drain the fruit cocktail. Whip the cream, vanilla and sugar until firm. Tear the angel food cake into 2" pieces. Mix the fruit cocktail, whipping cream and angel food cake. Place cherries on top for decoration.

Note: This salad should be eaten the same day it is made.

My bed is a magical place where I suddenly remember all of the things I forgot to do.


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