Our Racques hang in under 5 minutes!

All you need is a level, two nails and a hammer.

Nail directly into drywall.

Ruler Rack

Rule Rack

Measures 5" high and 36" long

  • Comes with 6 adjustable hooks

  • Holds up to seven rulers on each hook.  

  • That's up to 42 rulers that are no longer laying on your table or in your way!

  • $56.99

Junior Rack

Junior Ruler Rack
  • Measures 5" high and 18" long

  • Comes with 4 adjustable hooks

  • Holds up to seven rulers on each hook.

  • That's up to 28 rulers off your table!

  • The Junior is made for those with  smaller spaces. 

  • $35.99

Spot-On Rack

  • Measures 6" long and 3" wide

  • Comes with 1 hook & nail 

  • Holds up to seven rulers  and more

  • Hangs in a minute

  • Can be painted to match a wall 

  • Comes with a hardened steel nail that can be used on drywall, wood or plaster walls. 


Clean up that  messy sewing area. Use  one of Rita'a  Ruler Rack and get organized.  The  Ruler Racks will hold long arm rulers Too.



RR Ruler Racks are made specifically for quilters.  You know the frustration of trying to find that special ruler for your project. Our racks solves those problem by keeping your rulers where you can see and get to them quickly.  

Most rulers have holes large enough for the rack.  Just in case they don't - get out a power drill with a 1/4" drill bit.  Place a piece of masking tape over the area you want the hole and drill.  It doesn't matter how old the ruler is.  It works. 



Either The 18" or 36"  Racks That Will Have You Organized In Less Than 10 Minutes 

All our  racks are made from white melamine. The same material your sewing table is made of. The RR Ruler Racks assemble quickly and  require two nails for hanging.  The Spot - On Rack comes with the nail. Directions are in the package but you can also find our talented grandchildren in the video on the Video Tutorial Page showing you how really simple it is to hang the RR Ruler Rack. Honest, if a couple of ten year olds can do it you can too. 


Back of the Rack

Tools Rack

Each hook holds up to 7 rulers. You can always find the tool you need.