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Stitch Snitch

A Simple Solution To See The Underside Of A Quilt

  • A vision system that mounts quickly & easily on your longarm machine

  • A wireless router is required

  • View your stitches on your phone, tablet or device

  • Can be hooked to ac/120 current, USB or use our power pack

  • Sets up in 30 minutes

  • A reliable lighted system 

  • Walk away from the machine and still watch what's happening under the quilt


Let's you see what is happening

under the quilt!

My fellow longarm quilters,

Have you ever taken a quilt off your longarm and realized the underside stitching is a mess? I’ll bet you’re tempted to use words that your mother told you never to use. So you don’t. We quilters are known for our self-control.

We are also known for sitting on sofas for hours as we rip out all those wonderful designs we stitched, likely peeking up to watch murder mysteries on the television. By and large, quilters hate soap operas and game shows. Although there are exceptions. Ripping out stitching causes eyestrain. Eyestrain causes drowsiness. Often we fall asleep before we find out who the real murderer is. We wake up and are again tempted to use language of which our mother would disapprove. 

At my husband’s insistence, he and I developed a solution to this problem. I no longer take a flashlight and go hunting under my machine to see what's happened. 

Dennis and I developed  the Stitch Snitch. In fact, it is my first patent! It is a wireless, lighted video system that can be installed on a longarm machine in under a 30 minutes. You can walk away from the machine and still see what's going on underneath the quilt. After downloading an app  and installing the camera on your machine you will see the underside of your quilt in detail.  You can install a camera on one or both sides of your machine and see what you have been up.to.  You will need  a tablet or a smartphone, either android or Apple.  If you don't have a power source on your machine you can purchase our power banks which will work just as well. 

This system will allow you to see the underside of your quilt immediately. If things go wrong, you’ll realize it quickly, so you can make a very mild, quiet curse under your breath, one that even your mother wouldn’t mind.

Dennis & Rita Nau



If your machine does not have a electric outlet we still have the answer. The Power banks are rated at Mah20,000.  They should last between 4 and 6 hours  Two banks are included so you can charge one while you are working. Velcro strips are included for installation. 

Cost $99.00