Lumi Lites

Task Lighting



Use a Lumi light while camping

Use Anywhere

Use a Lumi Lite when working on your car where you need light.
Lumi Lite sticks on a sewing machine in seconds

Place Anywhere

Use a Lumi Lite when boating.


Interior lights on a camper that don't need electricity.  Lumi Lights
Have to crawl under a cupboard?  Lumi Lights works great.

Quickly bring more light to your sewing. 

Lumi Lites brings you task lighting where you need it.  With three different levels of light you can find the perfect light for your needs. Using a USB, the lites connect to dc/ac current or a power bank (e.g. cell phone battery). 

  • Attach it to your sewing machine using the sticky tape included;

  • Great for night fishing, use a power bank; 

  • Use it when doing automobile repair - purchase the magnet kit and hang it anywhere.

  • Working under a cupboard in a tight space?  Stick it where you need it.

  • Need a light in the camper? Hook it up to electricity or use a power bank for a quick lite when needed.

  • Works just about anywhere.

A Necklite put light just where you need it when doing handwork.



MT Series - 3 choices of light level




NeckLite - perfect for crafting




Lumi Wand - Use a power bank see anywhere