36" RR Ruler Rack

36" RR Ruler Rack

SKU: 0-39294-56438-7

The RR Ruler Rack was made specifically for quilters. You know the frustration of trying to find that special ruler for your project. The RR Ruler Rack solves that pesky problem. Keep your rulers where you can see and get to them quickly. The RR Ruler Rack measures 5" high and 36" long and comes with 6 adjustable hooks which can hold up to seven rulers on each hook. That's up to 42 rulers that are no longer laying on your table or in your way!


How to hang our racks:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh_CptlQQko


    Say goodbye to a messy sewing area with rulers everywhere.  The RR Ruler Rack comes with 6 movable hooks so you can adjust  to the width of the rulers you hang. You can hold up to seven rulers on each hook making it possible to hang as many as 42 rulers. The RR Ruler Rack will hold long arm rulers as well.

    Made from acrylic, the RR Ruler Rack measures 5" x 36".  It assembles quickly and  requires two nails for hanging.  Directions are in the package but you can also find our talented grandchildren in the video on the Video Tutorial Page showing you how really simple it is to hang the Holder.  



    Rita's Racques will refund the price of the RR Ruler Holder if you are not satisfied with the product.  Contact Rita at ritasracques@gmail.com for more information.