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Stitch Snitch

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

It has been a long few weeks. I am here to tell you, get your flu shot! Really, it is important!

I have been planning for eight months to attend my nieces' wedding which was last Saturday. Where was I? In bed feeling like there was no amount of sleep that would satisfy my aching head and body.

I wasn't able to finish her gift and I wasn't able to be with her and my family. I wasn't able to do my Tuesday's Tip. I was truly disappointed.

If you can make it through the winter without getting this stuff you should be pleased. Make that trip to a clinic or whatever, but make that trip!


On To Much More Exciting News!

Those of you who quilt on longarms know the frustration of trying to see the underside of a quilt and checking those stitches to make sure they are good. So many times I have rolled up a quilt and there is a huge section of mess. As we all know, five to ten minutes of sewing can take a good four hours or more to undo. Way too many times I have crawled under the machine with a flashlight to checkout what is going on under there to find out nothing good was happening.

We have the answer to the problem! After two-and-a-half years of working with many ups and downs, WE DID IT! Dennis and I have collaborated on a vision system for a longarm machine that really lets you see what you are doing. I now have my first patent in the works! The system is named the "Stitch Snitch". I think it is pretty amazing. It lets you see all those stitches under a quilt right on your phone. Download the app, synchronize the camera to the internet, install the camera or cameras on the longarm and in under 30 minutes and you are ready to go. You can see what is happening under the quilt on your phone or tablet. If you have a computerized machine you can even see what's happening while you are away from the machine. You can install one or two cameras. Two cameras allows you to see both the right and left side of the machine. It works with android products and Apple products. It's simple to use and makes a world of difference in your output. It has an affordable price of $299 for one camera or $550.00 for two.

The Stitch Snitch will be introduced at Festival in Houston in November.

We are offering a special to our followers.

Order a Stitch Snitch before November 1st

and receive $50 off

That means you can receive up to two cameras for

$250.00 each. That a $100 savings!

*Shipment will be made by November 15th for pre-orders.

You can find more information and place an order at: https://www.rackatak.com/snitch


That is enough for this week. Actually, I am a bit exhausted preparing for the "Snitch". I think I will take a nap.

I give you my Irish goodbye.




Sugar Cookies

These are so perfect and crisp. One of my family's favorites

1 c. powdered sugar 1 tsp vanilla

1 c. white sugar 4 1/4 c. flour

1 c. butter, softened 1 tsp salt

1 c. Crisco 1 tsp soda

2 eggs 1 tsp cream of tartar

Mix all ingredients together. Drop teaspoon size dough on cookie sheet and press down with sugar coated glass bottom. Bake at 375 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

"If you are not prepared to be wrong. You will never come up with anything original."

Ken Robinson



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