Jesus is not in my Contact List

Updated: Aug 26


Rita Nau of Rita's Racques
Quarantined Rita of Rita's Racques

I am someone who has been sewing most of my life. I have had many professions but sewing has always been my passion. In the eighties, my friend, Jan, introduced me to quilting. I started because I wanted to leave some type of legacy. Learning this craft has sent me on a journey I never planned:

  • I learned how to quilt,

  • I designed quilting patterns,

  • I was featured in several quilting magazines,

  • I opened a quilt shop,

  • I began a retreat house where quilters from all over the country came to a little town of 800 people to sew together,

  • I set up a retreat for other quilt shop owners and made lifelong friends with those shop owners,

  • I traveled to quilt shows all across the country selling our products,

  • My husband and I started a business making tools and notions for quilting such as:

racks to hold a quilter’s rulers,

racks for longarm machine to hold tools,

a table for a longarm,

and our most recent a camera that allows one to see under the quilt as a longarmer is quilting,

  • But most of all I met the most wonderful people!

All those years ago I had no idea that sewing would bring me so much joy. I have been in quarantine for about four weeks sewing almost every day. As I sit in front of my sewing machine today I still truly feel a sense of joy as I am making something. After all these years sewing excites me every day. Sewing makes me calm and makes me take count of the wonderful things it has brought me. And it makes me want to spread that joy to everyone I touch.


This past week I learned that my dearest friend Jan has a serious illness. I can’t think of life without her. She has been my friend for over 40 years. She knows everything about me and me. I am not sure where this illness will take us but I do know that one day you are well and busy and the next life can be changed completely. I will do just about anything to hold onto my friend. My advice to each of you is to pay attention, it all goes too quickly.


On the lighter side:

A few months ago Dennis and I were on a trip. Dennis doesn’t talk much when he is driving and I have a bit of a problem with car sickness so often I sleep while he drives. So asleep I was. Suddenly with great urgency, Dennis slams on the brakes! Sorry if the next sentence offends you, but I need to be graphic. I, of course, wake up as I am flying towards the dashboard. I yell out, “Jesus Christ, Dennis!” I don't usually use God's name in vain but I was panicked. After a few seconds I hear Siri, from my iPhone, say “There is no Jesus Christ in your contact list, Rita”.

This left me with two thoughts.

One, I am gonna need to add his name to my contacts,

two, I need to spend a bit more time in church.


As I mentioned, last week was a difficult one with the news of my friend's illness. I do not get much sleep, so about five hours is my usual. I have one of those beds that records sleep patterns. Imagine my surprise when I receive an email from my bed telling me I had very little sleep in the past three days. "Perhaps I had been drinking a bit too much or eating before you go to bed?" It also told me how important sleep is and gave me several tips on how to get more sleep. Not sure I am ready for my bed to be in that close of contact with me. I am thinking of changing my bed's email to my daughter’s address. That should keep her up all night!


This post is longer than usual. But I have so many ideas I need to share them all.

It’s been a long year for all of us. I have been in my studio a great deal. It is where I find calm and inspiration. Therefore, I decided that 2021 will be designated as:

My Year Of Making Things.

I will record every project I work on. You will be seeing what I am up to along the way. I also would like to make it a year of kindness so I intend to share some of the things I make. (Please don't expect a quilt.) You as my reader may receive a small handmade item during the year from me. So, send me your address and you never know what or when something will show up in your mailbox. I will share a picture of what I sent.


I have been taking an online class from Phillipa Naylor. This is a beginning quilting class. I know, I have been quilting for years but I thought there is always something to learn so I joined her class. She is an award-winning teacher from the UK. Well, I am super impressed! She is very thorough and has many tips. This is a twelve-month class so I have lots more to go over but these classes are really in-depth and very well done. I would suggest any quilter sign up for these. It’s $15 a month. If you are new to quilting it will put you on the right path and if you are an experienced quilter you will find all sorts of impressive tips. Truly well worth the money. One of the best reminders in her classes is to SLOW DOWN. I know, that sounds pretty simple but when I do I get much better results. If you have an interested her web address is:


What I have been up to

I have been working on Christmas gifts. The Noodle-head patterns for bags are excellent. Here is a sampling of what I have done. The directions are good and the bags impreare massive.

These are some of the Sandhill Bags I made:

Nine different  hand made pencil bags.
Pencil bags made by Rita of Rita's Racques from Noodle-head pattern

I made matching pencil pouches.

She has quite a few free patterns as well as patterns to download. The directions are done well.

I also designed and made some door quilts

A bright colored quilt with flowers, fish, cats and more fish in diamond shapes.
A quilt made by Rita Nau of Rita's Racques influenced by Kaffe Fasset