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Foot Stuff & I Learn The Meaning Of Perseverance #21

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

This week I worked with the Adjustable Bias Binding Foot which is another foot that I picked up in my package of 42 Pieces Presser Feet Set by Simzia for $32 on Amazon.

A sewing foot to attaching binding on a quilt.
Adjustable Bias Binding Foot

I found some information online on this foot. If you watch the entire video it gets pretty sloppy. Then I played a bit with it. I did find examples online that looked much better so with practice this probably works well. I tried to bind a quilt with it but it was too narrow to fit the three layers and turning a corner can get pretty sloppy. What I did find was that it worked great if I was adding an edge to something like a pocket or possibly a hem or finishing something with a curve. The needle had to be farther in than I would have thought to catch both sides. If need to make straps or a small tube this foot is the one to use. Otherwise, I found it rather tricky.

A binding foot with binding in the piece.
How the binding fits into a binding foot

I tried adding it to the folded edge of my binding, then attaching my binding to the front of the quilt rather than the back. This made it into a two-color binding that I could sew in the ditch to finish the binding. I learned that it is not easy to make 1" double fold bias binding, It was not easy to keep that small piece in the foot channel. Maybe if I had used purchased binding it would have been better but the foot wobbled and the binding came out of the channels as I was sewing. So maybe not the best. Possibly with more practice I could love this foot but then again, maybe not. I would give this foot a five out of ten.


Last week was one filled with challenges, give me a minute to me tell you about it.

I was supposed to be on a flight to Phoenix early Wednesday morning of the 30th of January for a quilt show I was vending at. Less than 24 hours before the flight was to leave I received a notice that the flight had been canceled. Of course, I needed to scramble to find another flight. I was lucky enough to get one later in the evening that was about $100 more but I was able to book it. My departure day was the coldest day Minnesota had recorded in over 30 years. When I left for the airport it was -60 degrees windchill. I was not convinced that the flight would be taking off. I was worried even about driving to the airport. But we made it with no issues. I was concerned about my husband having to drive back home but he did make it and all was well. As I was tagging my bags I realized I was on a different airline so I had to pay an extra $70 for two bags. These things happen, I took it in stride. After all, I was one of the lucky ones who was not staying in the cold. I watched the ground crew working as we embarked. There is no way you can keep warm in that kind of cold. They looked like round bumblebees buzzing on the tarmac except they all seemed to be waddling rather than buzzing.

I arrived in Phoenix at about 10 pm. Far too late to set up at the venue, so I went to my hotel. When I arrived three people at the front desk looked at me strangely. They talked among themselves and finally, I hear, "Let her have it." I asked if there was a problem and they explained that had given me the last room in the hotel and still had five guests who would be checking in. I was relieved and grateful and went to my room which was about a mile away. Then I realized I had not picked up my packages. The phone was not working in my room so back I trekked to the front desk to check. A nice person went to the packaging area but there was nothing in my name. I was concerned as the packages held the product I was selling at the show.

The information I needed was in my room so one more time I hiked to my room to look up the shipments. Again, the phone was not working so I made the expedition to the front desk. I asked if I could check the room for the packages and they were kind enough to let me. I found three of them but was still missing three. Again I journeyed to my room to call FedEx and I was able to speak with a human being who was kind and verified that, yes, the package had been delivered. So, I began my odyssey at the front desk one more time. By this time it was 1:30 am. This time I had a name for who signed for the package. At first, they didn't recognize the name but someone finally said that was the manager of Starbucks in the building. Evidently, they gave it to them. Of course, Starbucks was not open at that time of the day but she was pretty sure my boxes were in a cooler somewhere. I could check at 5:15 am when the manager came in. Back I slogged to my room, it is now 2:15 am. I tried to sleep but I was just too nervous. Finally at 5:15 am I contacted Starbucks, hallelujah, and my packages were there. One last passage to the front desk, to pick up the packages.

I had to get to the venue early to set up before we opened. Of course, they won't let me park by the door because it is opening day so I have to haul my packages across the parking lot. By opening time everything was set up and I was finally feeling a bit relaxed and relieved and extremely tired. For some reason, I checked my return information for my flight and realized that I had booked a flight one day too early. So, of course, I am once again frantic looking for a flight.

I sit down, and I reflect. Perhaps God doesn't want me to travel. Perhaps God doesn't want me to quilt. Nonsense, I conclude. God just has a good sense o humor.

I give you my Irish goodbye.



“In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is strength, in water there is bacteria.”

David Auerbach


For those of you who have long arms we have designed the that solves a good deal of problems when quilting. This product is no longer available.

The Butler holds everything you need while quilting:

  • Bobbins

  • Tools-

  • Everything you need is within hands reach

  • Rulers- has 6 slots to hold rulers

  • Ipad- watch a tutorial or the base swivels so you can make your own tutorial

  • phone- the perfect spot so you can find it

  • Each Butler is customized to your requirements

  • A thread holder at the back of the rack

Give us a call for more information 612-816-7131



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