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A Little Dot Will Do Ya #25 Tuesday's Tips

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

This week found me working on my granddaughter Bella's graduation quilt. I have mentioned it before but in case there are new people I will explain a bit. As each of my grandchildren graduate I make them a quilt that they request. It's always fun to see what they pick out. This year's quilt is very unusual. Bella is hoping to become a surgeon. She asked me to make a quilt with a human body on it. It certainly was a challenge but I found a shower curtain with a body on it and went with that. Using my longarm and thousands of miles of thread I thread painted the body. I am pleased with the outcome.


Thread art completed, appliqué coming along, can't wait to quilt it.

I cut the body out and this week. Using appliqué, I am attaching it to the background. I enjoy hand sewing once in awhile. We have had over 30" of snow and it's been really cold in Minnesota so I'm pleased to be sitting by my fire, watching some TV and working on this quilt.

Thimble pad

I like hand sewing but I have never been able to find a thimble that was large enough or comfortable enough to use, so my fingers can get pretty sore. A few years back I found Thimble Pads. For me they are perfect. I use two at a time, one on my thumb and one on my first finger. It makes it easier to push the needle through and to grasp with both my thumb and first finger as I am pulling the needle out. They are reusable so I just stick them on the bottom of my threader when I am finished for the night. They are right where I need them when I return.

Other items that I use while hand sewing is the Clover Needle Threader. I usually use size 10 or 11 quilting needle. The threader is a life saver. I certainly could not thread a needle without it.

I don't want to be without my small Gingher scissors. It is so sharp and just the perfect size for my hand.

Needles are more important than one might think. I like the John James Stainless Steel Quilting needles. The threading slot is elongated, therefore, the Clover Threader works with them. I have a difficult time using other small needles as the slot is round and the the Needle Threader has a lot more issues with them.


On Wednesday through next Saturday I will be in Hampton Virginia for the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show f. Stop by and mention my blog and I will give you a Mini Rack for free!

I give you my Irish goodbye.



Rita's Apple Stickers

My family loves my mother's apple crisp recipe. It's is made with a crust on the bottom and top. It takes me forever to make it and a minimum of six pounds of apples, therefore, I don't make it often. One afternoon I was playing with pie crust and came up with this easier and yet as delicious recipe using one apple, a pre made pie crust and ingredients that I always have on hand. It takes about 10 minutes to make and 30 minutes to cook.

Apple Stickers

1 pre-made pie crust 1 apple - medium or small is better

3 T softened butter 1/4 c. sugar

1/4 C. brown sugar 1 T or less of cinnamin

1 c. confectioner's sugar 1 egg yolk

2 T Milk

Apple cutter - 8 slots

Lay out the pie crust. Spread the butter across the crust. Sprinkle the cinnamon, sugar and brown sugar on the crust right to the edges. Using a pizza cutter, cut across the pie crust, then from side to side and one more time diagonally though each cut making eight equal pieces.

I use my eight slot apple cutter which cores the apple and cuts at the same time. You can peel the apple beforehand but I usually wait until they are cut and then peel them. It is easier for me.

Lay the apple wedge at the widest end of the slice of pie crust and roll like you would a crescent roll. The dough won't cover the entire piece. Pinch the dough so it covers the apple. You can use a fork. They don't have to look perfect and they don't have to be completely sealed. You want the sugar mixture to stay inside the Sticker as much as possible. Mix the egg yolk and 2 T milk and brush on the dough. Using a cookie sheet, place the pieces on parchment paper. The sugars will ooze out of the Stickers and make a bit of a mess, so don't ruin your cookie sheet. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes until golden brown

Once the Stickers are cooled, mix the confectioner's sugar with a tablespoon or two of water. Don't make it too thin. Pour the mixture over the Stickers and let set.


"Your abundance is not measured by what you have, it is created by what you share."

Heidi Catherine Culbertson, Wisdom and Recipes


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