#23 Think Small

Updated: Jul 18

I have written many patterns over the years but never pushed myself to put them out into the world. I made a resolution to begin to do this and today I would like to show off the first one.

First I must tell you why I have chosen to make little quilts.

I have never been a precise quilter. I have produced a lot of quilts but have not been all that careful when piecing. About three years ago I purchased a kit from Primitive Gatherings that put me on a different path. If you have seen their designs you know their color ways are a bit soft and country feeling. If anyone knows me they know that their colors are not mine but there was something about this quilt that called me. It had 1 1/2" finished nine patches. I fell in love with the pattern and started piecing it. I got the first 10 rows done and it just didn't look good enough. So, I ripped out all those 1 1/2" blocks and began again.I did some research and learned the important steps to making a miniature. This time I starched the heck out of the fabric and made sure each block was squared up. What a difference! I am still working on that quilt. I take it out each time I go on retreat and finish a row or two. I will get it done but I enjoy the process and I find that making little things calms me. Not only that but this process taught me to be a much better quilter.

Made by TQM Products
1" x 2 1/2" wide Miniature Binding Tool

Susan Brown of TQM Products gave me a keychain that was in the shape of her Binding Tool a while back. I had made a braid quilt with the original Binding Tool and liked it the results, but when she handed me that 1" x 2 1/2" template I was inspired.

I have designed several quilts with it. The grey one is my favorite.

Not long ago Susan handed me another keychain, her HST Tool, which makes the most perfect half-square triangles!


I took those two tools and made a pattern that I think is lovely, simple and yet a bit of a challenge.

After months of writing and rewriting the Pinwheel Braid Little Quilt pattern is done! I will be adding more patterns to the site but this is the first. I hope you take a look. While my name is Rita Nau I have always used my maiden name for my creative side thus, Gallagher's Designs.

You can purchase the pattern with the tools at: https://www.rrrulerrack.com/gallaghers. I have also done something which I think is a bit different from this pattern. The pattern is written simply and illustrated well but most people are visual and we often don't take the time to read a pattern in depth. So, for any steps in the pattern that I felt might raise questions I made a video for the step. You can find those by clicking this link. If you have a moment check it out, and let me know if you find this type of tutorial for a pattern to be helpful.

As I put more of my patterns on the site I will add videos. This means I need to remake all of my patterns, but what else would I have to do?


I found this product and thought I would share it. Recently I was on the road and I broke some of my fixtures for my display table. I was concerned as I had no way to show our racks. I ran to Target to the glue section thinking I would purchase some Crazy Glue. I had used this glue originally and it had let me down, but I was desperate. I not only picked up more Crazy Glue but saw a different type of glue. I read the pamphlet and was so interested in the product went to her website. This stuff is amazing! I'ts not just a glue but has the ability to make things that stick to other things. I used it on the holders and it not only worked but I have dropped the fixtures several times and they don't fall apart. It's moldable, comes in many colors, and has a billion different uses that I can think of. I used it on a broken shelf and voila it's new again. It's my new favorite stuff. You can find it at lots of stores and here is a link to their site for more ideas: https://sugru.com.


This week I am traveling to Manchester, New Hampshire for the MQX show. I am always blown away by the quilting at these shows. I will try and get some pictures while I am there and share them on my Instagram feed (ruler racks) and my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/RITASRACQUES/). If you are at the show drop by our booth 224 and say hello. It is always nice to see someone who follows me.

I give you my Irish goodbye.




Egg Bake

Have a crowd coming. This is a simple but delicious brunch recipe. It was also a favorite at Gallaghers Retreat House,

Prepare the night before: