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#23 Think Small

I have written many patterns over the years but never pushed myself to put them out into the world. I made a resolution to begin to do this and today I would like to show off the first one.

First I must tell you why I have chosen to make little quilts.

I have never been a precise quilter. I have produced a lot of quilts but have not been all that careful when piecing. About three years ago I purchased a kit from Primitive Gatherings that put me on a different path. If you have seen their designs you know their color ways are a bit soft and country feeling. If anyone knows me they know that their colors are not mine but there was something about this quilt that called me. It had 1 1/2" finished nine patches. I fell in love with the pattern and started piecing it. I got the first 10 rows done and it just didn't look good enough. So, I ripped out all those 1 1/2" blocks and began again.I did some research and learned the important steps to making a miniature. This time I starched the heck out of the fabric and made sure each block was squared up. What a difference! I am still working on that quilt. I take it out each time I go on retreat and finish a row or two. I will get it done but I enjoy the process and I find that making little things calms me. Not only that but this process taught me to be a much better quilter.

Made by TQM Products
1" x 2 1/2" wide Miniature Binding Tool

Susan Brown of TQM Products gave me a keychain that was in the shape of her Binding Tool a while back. I had made a braid quilt with the original Binding Tool and liked it the results, but when she handed me that 1" x 2 1/2" template I was inspired.

I have designed several quilts with it. The grey one is my favorite.

Not long ago Susan handed me another keychain, her HST Tool, which makes the most perfect half square triangles!


I took those two tools and made a pattern that I think is lovely, simple and yet a bit of a challenge.

After months of writing and rewriting the Pinwheel Braid Little Quilt pattern is done! I will be adding more patterns to the site but this is the first. I hope you take a look. While my name is Rita Nau I have always used my maiden name for my creative side thus, Gallagher's Designs.

You can purchase the pattern with the tools at: https://www.rrrulerrack.com/gallaghers. I have also done something which I think is a bit different with this pattern. The pattern is written simply and illustrated well but most people are visual and we often don't take the time to read a pattern in depth. So, any steps in the pattern that I felt might raise questions I made a video for the step. You can find those at: https://www.rrrulerrack.com/patterns. If you have a moment check it out, let me know if you find this type of tutorial for a pattern to be helpful.

As I put more of my patterns on the site I will add videos. This means I need to remake all of my patterns, but what else would I have to do?


I found this product this and thought I would share it. Recently I was on the road and I broke some of my fixtures for my display table. I was concerned as I had no way to show our racks. I ran to Target to the glue section thinking I would purchase some Crazy Glue. I had used this glue originally and it had let me down, but I was desperate. I not only picked up more Crazy Glue but saw a different type of glue. I read the pamphlet and was so interested in the product went to her website. This stuff is amazing! I'ts not just a glue but has the ability to make things that stick to other things. I used it on the holders and it not only worked but I have dropped the fixtures several times and they don't fall apart. It's moldable, comes in many colors and has a billion different uses that I can think of. I used it on a broken shelf and voila it's new again. It's my new favorite stuff. You can find it at lots of stores and here is a link to their site for more ideas: https://sugru.com.


This week I am traveling to Manchester, New Hampshire for the MQX show. I am always blown away with the quilting at these shows. I will try and get some pictures while I am there and share them on my instagram feed (ruler racks) and my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/RITASRACQUES/). If you are at the show drop by our booth 224 and say hello. It is always nice to see someone who follows me.

I give you my Irish goodbye.




Egg Bake

Have a crowd coming. This is a simple but delicious brunch recipe. It was also a favorite at Gallaghers Retreat House,

Prepare the night before:

1 loaf bread - day old is best 12 eggs

2 C. ham, diced 1/2 C butter

2 C. shredded cheddar cheese 1 C Cornflakes, crushed

4 C milk

Remove crust from bread. Place bread in a 9"x13" covering the bottom. Add the ham and cheese. Cover with remaining bread. Mix eggs and milk and pour over pan and refrigerate overnight. Bake at 350° for 1 hour. Remove from oven and sprinkle Cornflakes. Melt the butter and put over the cornflakes. Place back in oven for about 20 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from oven and let sit for five to ten minutes before serving.


The accurate measure of a human being is what he or she actually gets done.

George Lewis


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