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A quote from a customer that says, "Your organizing products are amazing.

"Your organizing products are amazing"

                            Shari, Wisconsin

Messy closet
A person working on cleaning up a sewing room.
An organized sewing spot.

Mary A, August 2019

Love your ruler racks! Wish I had the room for another large one, but really looking forward to getting the junior rack.

This item shipped on time to my old address that I had not changed in Etsy. Contacted vendor who immediately responded and remailed the product to my new address...beyond courtesy! Thank You Love the product...it had freed up a drawer in my cutting table that was once filled with rulers that I could never find the one I needed! Now the rulers are all where I can see them and use them when needed!

Brenda A , May 2018

Thank you so much for your instant phone call today. I mounted both my racks and drilled the holes in my rulers. I had no problem at all. Now they are all hanging in order and all my large ones are in my table rack. I have a clean, organized working area again. We love our toys, but if we can't see them, we can't play as quickly. I love, love your products. Thank you again.

Juliet W.    April 2018

"My goodness Rita Nau came to my house and I'm so glad she did! 3 years of accumulated chaos and disorder all straightened out, stash satisfactorily reduced, future projects boxed and labelled, rulers and books all catalogued on my iPad so I can see exactly what I have and I will never buy a duplicate again. A 50 litre bag of rubbish extracted and consigned to the bin! Fabric gifted to a quilting group who were extremely pleased. My fabric and now project closet as well,  a pleasure to open and behold. No stress just quilting. Rita also possesses above average techie skills and told my computer what to do in no uncertain terms so everything ticking along very nicely now thank you. Furthermore and very importantly Rita did all this with me while exercising great diplomacy, good will, excellent humour and producing energy from places where I haven't got places. Don't hesitate, if in doubt call for Rita!!"