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You Can Download The File For :



Want to make it today?  Download the pattern.  You don't have to have the TQM Tools to make the quilt. 


Have the Pattern & Tools

Mailed To You For: 

$14.95 + shipping

We will send you the pattern and the TQM Miniature Binding Tool & TQM Miniature HST Tool

A little quilt, 18 3/4"x18 3/4, that is intricate but not too difficult.  You can purchase the pattern as a download or a pattern.  The pattern includes the Miniature Binding Tool & The Miniature TQM HST Tool.

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The pattern can be made without TQM's Miniature Tools but it's easier and more precise  if you have them.     $4.00 for the set


 Gallagher's Designs, 612-816-7131, 

Gallaghers little logo_edited_edited.jpg